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About iSnooze

iSnooze sits in your system tray and lets you schedule times for iTunes to start playing. Spacebar activated snooze, configurable snooze time, gradual volume increasing, multiple alarm schedules, playlist selection, temporary pausing when you reach your computer to give you time to shut it off...why I daresay iSnooze has it all!


At this point, iSnooze is effectively ABANDONED. I still read all emails I receive about it, but I don't work on it anymore. I switched to Macs as soon as I could afford to (read: I finally got out of college), and I got older and married and (gasp!) don't get to keep my office in the bedroom anymore.

Since iSnooze is GPL-licensed, anybody is free to modify it and distribute it. I can provide access to the GitHub project, or you can fork it. But at this point, my involvement will be very small or non-existent. I'm glad it's been useful to so many people through the years that have sent me emails and even donations.


Steven Scott <>


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These aren't screenshots but I asked the famed Lauren to make me an iSnooze icon, and she delivered. Unfortunately they can't be used as an icon, but they are good anyway.
I am particularly fond of the alarm clock with the guitar!

dj1 dj2 rock

Get It

Release 1.3.3: SetupiSnooze-1.3.3.exe "Picard"

Release 1.3.2: SetupiSnooze-1.3.2.exe "Donna"

Release 1.3.1: SetupiSnooze-1.3.1.exe "Guten Tag"

Release 1.3: SetupiSnooze-1.3.exe "Oops"

Release 1.2.1: SetupiTunesAlarm-1.2.1.exe "Confusion-Fix"

Release 1.2: SetupiTunesAlarm-1.2.exe

Release 1.1: SetupiTunesAlarm-1.1.exe

Release 1.0: SetupiTunesAlarm-1.0.exe

Source Code

iSnooze is licensed under the GPL. You can get the sourcecode here:

Browse the Repository

See iSnooze's GitHub project page

The Future

See the Status tab for an important message about the [non-]future of iSnooze
Here's ideas I have for future implementation, and/or ideas users have suggested.
  • Use Windows API calls to look for iTunes dialogs and try to close them instead of failing when trying to play
  • "The ability to select an airport remote set of speakers for each alarm."
  • "A timed turn-off with the option of the volume decreasing over a period, either after a specific amount of time or at a specific time."
  • "it would be great if i could select one of the itunes online radio stations to wake up to instead of just my playlists."
  • playing from an ipod

Why iSnooze?

I got sick of getting to work late.

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